Keep away from the bars.

Yes, Virginia, he is a carnivore.

Is Prozac available in tranquilizer dart form?

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Matty cakes gets the credit for the idea and being unofficial editor, and I get the credit for execution of piece.   I think this is a hilarious idea.  I was trying to save it for a special occasion, and today is; it is my last day of work for two weeks of holiday fun, involving a little traveling and a little staying at home.  Happy Holidays!

No Photoshop was used in the making of this piece, but a little girl did get eaten.

My nose runneth over.


blahhhThis is how I’ve been feeling for the past five days.  Am on the mend; enough that I could grasp a pen in hand and scribble this out for all my wonderful peoples who take the time to look at my doodles.  I am more intrigued with the addition of Photoshop for coloring purposes in my comics.  It sounds rudimentary, but I am finally valuing the computer as an art tool.  Who’d a thunk it?


Lookit all that's like a hedge!

A giant bird's nest on legs.

O.K. I know I said I don’t do self-portraits, BUT…there is a “Meet…(insert employee name)” in our University’s newspaper, and someone nominated me to be interviewed.  (I know who you are!)  In lieu of having my photo taken, I asked if I could draw myself.  The editor has to approve it, so I will find out soon.  (Just emailed this out.)

I could have taken out the “non-photo blue” but I like it here.  Done with Pigma brush pen, PITT artist pen, and Staedtler gray graphic 3000 duo marker on Fanboy Comic board.

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Meetings, Shmeetings…

HaHa, Inspiration
What?  Yes, of course I'm paying attention!

Monday meeting...evidently, birds were discussed.

Yeah, this is how I have taken notes all my life…

Goat in Clothes

He ran away with the washing!

Usually they eat clothes, right?

My grandfather kept goats for us, but I think he only liked the kids, because when they would grow up and started butting us, he would sell them.  They also had a tendency to escape from the paddock and go running down the highway.  (The town grew up around his “farm”.)  Happy Friday, kids.  haha (Goat pun.)

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P.S. Going forward, this will be more of a sketchbook blog as I am building an actual webcomic.  So, good news: more posts.

More Bandit…

Now we have to shampoo the carpet...AGAIN.

It's rough not having prehensile digits, I guess.

I KNOW it is disgusting that my pup is rubbing his butt across the carpet, but it ALWAYS makes me laugh.  ALL. WAYS.  Bandit is only six months old, and is turning into one goofy muse.

Got some new brush pens the other day (AND a grey wash marker) and am really liking the effects.  From the sketchbook.