Stylish Kitty Cats

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Prints available here!

I drew this cavalcade of glorious cats in my sketchbook a month or so ago, and finally decided to make something with it.  The drawing was done in pen (on lunch break) and I always thought it was a fun one, so here we are.  As usual, I added it to some different items…

Stylish Cats coffee mug by Nancy Lemon Studio

Grab a stylish cat mug here, of course!


Or a long sleeve t-shirt…also available in short sleeved…

It is so fun making all of these things.  If you can, please share with family and friends…wouldn’t it be great to get something with original art/design/illustration as a gift this year?

More Bandit…

Now we have to shampoo the carpet...AGAIN.

It's rough not having prehensile digits, I guess.

I KNOW it is disgusting that my pup is rubbing his butt across the carpet, but it ALWAYS makes me laugh.  ALL. WAYS.  Bandit is only six months old, and is turning into one goofy muse.

Got some new brush pens the other day (AND a grey wash marker) and am really liking the effects.  From the sketchbook.