Painting your Muse

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Paint the Muse, illustration by Nancy Lemon Carney ©2015 watercolor, ink on paperHere we are with more artistic expression via Muse the dog.  He cuts a dashing figure, reminiscent of Napoleon, or Javert from Les Miserables.  I ask you, if your dog stood still clad in old-timey maritime costume, wouldn’t you also feel inspired to paint?

Watercolor, cool new Derwent Inktense pencils, all on paper

The artist and her muse, reading

Illustrating Books


Since creating two cute characters for the prompt “Muse”, I’ve decided to put them together in more scenes.  Maybe a story will come from pictures…as an illustrator, that is how my mind really puts things together.

Watercolor, colored pencil

Draw This! “Muse”

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille

Muse, Draw This, SCBWI Nancy Lemon Carney ©2015

Every month, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators issues a prompt word for their online illustrator gallery.  The word for September is “Muse”.  My dogs have always been a great inspiration for me, so here we are.  Who (or what) is your muse?

More Lily and the Bandit Fun

HaHa, Inspiration, Sketchbook


This is usually their respective personalities…Bandit is always chewing, licking, or bouncing around, while Lily is more of a philosopher…they are more comical and entertaining than anything on television, most of the time.

They really provide endless inspiration, and I am very grateful for these two muse mutts.

This was inked into my new sketchbook, which was gifted to me by my wonderful and attractive husband for Christmas.  They are great books…he gave me a regular-sized and a pocket-sized.  (Canson Mix Media soft covered sketchbooks)

Lil’ Bandito, my Mutt Muse

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille

The photo I used for reference was taken by his dad. 🙂

Today I present another Bandit portrait.  He is so silly, my little muttly muse boy.  We thing he is mostly pointer, but there are definitely some other things there…he was found in a dumpster with the rest of his litter.  We adopted him, and he is a happy, healthy lil’ goofy dude.

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Meetings, Shmeetings…

HaHa, Inspiration
What?  Yes, of course I'm paying attention!

Monday meeting...evidently, birds were discussed.

Yeah, this is how I have taken notes all my life…

Owls, not O.W.L.S.

HaHa, Inspiration

Ripped straight from the sketchbook...

The work continues on the new blog…learning html and css as I go, so sorry for the slowness.  This will be a more refined comic for that site, but I love the way the rough looks.  I will probably be keeping this blog for sketches and other artworks.  Thank you for hanging in with me on this!  Happy Friday!