Bigfoot snoozing–it’s NATURE!

Digital, Inspiration

Bigfoot sleeps in nature. Nancy Lemon, illustrator

So, I got my Illustration Friday topics mixed up–this week was “Growth” and I thought it was “Nature”.  Whatevs…it’s still Friday!  I got some new (free) Photoshop brushes that I am playing with here, along with some paper texture…wheee.  I think this weekend I will need a vacation from screens, but this was fun to make.  I love Illustration Friday–they are a great community and always keep me inspired.  I highly recommend the website to anyone interested in graphic design and illustration.

Who needs a hug?

November Simplicity



Click the Picture to Enlarge the view.

Nothing like snuggling with an enormous house cat to get a good 16 hour nap!  This was scanned right out of my little 5″x5″ hand book sketchbook and made me feel a little bit better as I fight a horrible cold.  Happy warm fuzzies to you this November.  Now I want to go curl up with my two big dogs on the couch…or hug a giant teddy bear.

Better than a business hammock…


A hammock and nap buddy all-in-one.

Hey, Happy Tuesday, everyone!

An update:  my new website/blog is up at  Soon, I will add a re-direct from this blog to the new site; all of the content here can still be found there, in addition to a store where you can buy things with my art on them!  (I am constantly updating.)  Your emails will not stop, nor will RSS feed be interrupted; I am just proud that I’ve built something and am moving forward!

Please feel free to let me know what you think…comments can be made here or at (you guessed it)

We didn’t know a good thing when we had it.

Where's my binkie?

May I have a business hammock, please?

This is where I spend most of my waking hours, Monday through Friday.  It is a good job, and I love my work mates, and you can’t tell by this comic, but they actually got me a stability ball chair; however, some days one just wants a lie-down.  I would adore a nap room.  We wouldn’t have to have business hammocks…just some yoga mats and your favorite blankie.  (Mine has kitty cats on it.)

WHY didn’t I know a good thing when I had it?  In kindergarten it was like pulling teeth for me to lay quietly for fifteen minutes.