Bigfoot snoozing–it’s NATURE!

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Bigfoot sleeps in nature. Nancy Lemon, illustrator

So, I got my Illustration Friday topics mixed up–this week was “Growth” and I thought it was “Nature”.  Whatevs…it’s still Friday!  I got some new (free) Photoshop brushes that I am playing with here, along with some paper texture…wheee.  I think this weekend I will need a vacation from screens, but this was fun to make.  I love Illustration Friday–they are a great community and always keep me inspired.  I highly recommend the website to anyone interested in graphic design and illustration.

In which Nancy jumps into the air…

Le Grand Portefeuille, Plant life

…because I made it through the first round of the Lilla Rogers 2014 Global Talent Search!  999 people entered and they chose 50 artists from that group.  There was so much awesome work, that I didn’t know how I’d do, but I made it through!  Whoop whoop!  Here is the piece I submitted:


We were given a brief to follow.  All I can tell you about that is the theme was Little Terrariums.  Now I have another brief for a new project in my email this morning, so I best get cracking on some ideas!  In the next round, 50 go in, and 6 (gulp) come out!

Butterflies for my Rose

Le Grand Portefeuille

photo 2

I’ve been infrequently posting, as I have been infrequently creating since the birth of our daughter, now 8 weeks old.  Before she was born I had planned on making a piece of art for her room; as she caught us by surprise (4 weeks early), I am finally creating something.  It will be a Christmas present!  Her room started with owls and ended up more butterflies…there is an owl painting in there, but her bed stuff is butterflies.  So…here are some more butterflies. 😉

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3

These were done all in gouache on heavy Arches watercolor paper, perched on the end of the guest bed, while listening to the movie White Christmas coming from the den.  Since Rosalee’s arrival, the studio/guest room has become somewhat crowded; I’m setting up makeshift studio areas wherever there is room!  This piece will probably have a few more tweaks before being framed, but I wanted to share something new on this blog.

Happy weekend, and if I don’t get to post next week, Merry Christmahanakwanzikah!


Reflecting on Strengths

Inspiration, Photoshop

Click the image to ENLARGE.

I am wowed by the works of Sandra Dieckmann, but I am not her.  As you can see in the work above, I have been gazing admiringly at her work for too long.  I am still a Photoshop novice, and am not really confident in how to create backgrounds yet.  Still, learning is a process, and it’s fun.  However, this is not me…I don’t want to come off as trying to shark anyone’s style (even though hers is much more precise and well thought out!) I do want to get better at Photoshop…even though at times it feels like a vast ocean of tools to learn.

Style…what an issue.  When I let go and draw, and don’t allow in the influence of other, greater work, I come up with a loose, cartoon-type style.  Or I am caught somewhere between realism and fantasy/cartoon.  One weird hybrid!  In some books I’ve read on creativity and drawing, it has said that your style comes from drawing or creating “in the flow.”  My influences over the years have ranged from Charles Schultz, Walt Kelly, and Bill Watterson to Quentin Blake and Edward Gorey to Egon Schiele, Paul Cezanne, Edward Hopper, Paul Gauguin and Michel Basquiat. ~whew!~

When I look at my sketchbooks, there are more often than not cartoon-type people and animals roaming around.  I need to embrace what I do best.  Maybe that is cartooning?  Comments and thoughts on this are welcome.

Owls, not O.W.L.S.

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Ripped straight from the sketchbook...

The work continues on the new blog…learning html and css as I go, so sorry for the slowness.  This will be a more refined comic for that site, but I love the way the rough looks.  I will probably be keeping this blog for sketches and other artworks.  Thank you for hanging in with me on this!  Happy Friday!