Autumnus Forest

Le Grand Portefeuille

AuTumnus Forest, Nancy Lemon ©2016

I’m not sure about this one…is there too much wild color going on? Just experimenting with layers of marks: some ink, some pens, some pencil. Then, as I do, coloring in Photoshop. I felt like I was getting into a “palette rut” for awhile, and have tried to get out of my comfort zone lately by using much brighter colors than I used to. The process is fun; I hope I never stop playing!

Sergeant Fashion

Digital, Fashionistas, Le Grand Portefeuille


Apparently, military “style” is one of those lasting fashions.  (According to Real Simple magazine, anyway.)  I liked the photo of the model, so I drew a very simple-shapes oriented piece.  I really like playing with the paring down of my style, as I seem to want to pare down everything these days.  Maybe it’s an effect of the “nesting syndrome” during the 3rd trimester.  Anyway, I like simplifying, and am constantly trying to derive maximum artistic impact with as simple a way I can create.  Simple drawing, simple palette.  The trick is to not be so restrictive that the art loses too much.  I’m not use to being subtle in any area of life, so this is a constant struggle…one that I quite like.

Available as a print in the STORE.

Tree Angel

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille, Sketchbook


This feels like a page out of a story book.  A lot of my sketchbooks are little one page glimpses of story.  I’ve never written a whole children’s book, as I much prefer making art, but maybe if I scour through the sketchbooks, a story will one day form.  That will be later down the line, as I have a large project (or two) in the works at the moment.  I’m glad to take time from my day to attempt a connection with you, my dear readers.  What do you think of the minimalist palette?