Stylish Kitty Cats

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Prints available here!

I drew this cavalcade of glorious cats in my sketchbook a month or so ago, and finally decided to make something with it.  The drawing was done in pen (on lunch break) and I always thought it was a fun one, so here we are.  As usual, I added it to some different items…

Stylish Cats coffee mug by Nancy Lemon Studio

Grab a stylish cat mug here, of course!


Or a long sleeve t-shirt…also available in short sleeved…

It is so fun making all of these things.  If you can, please share with family and friends…wouldn’t it be great to get something with original art/design/illustration as a gift this year?

More bunnies, different style!

Business of Art, Digital

…such as cell phone cases.

bunnies, kid's t-shirt ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio

There are kid’s clothes…

bunnies-maternity ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio

Yes, maternity tees (although I wish the design could be put on the belly.)

bunnies-bonanza-onesie ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio

Of course the onesies!

dog-shirt-bunnies ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio

And even something for the pup in your life. (We wouldn’t want to leave out Fido.)

Now there is really something for everyone in the family. (Yet this is only the tip of the ‘print on demand’ iceberg). I really laughed when I saw the dog t-shirt, and felt it must be shared. Please feel free to share this post!

Happy Halloween!

Le Grand Portefeuille, Love letter to October



Happy Halloween, everyone!  I can’t believe it’s the last day of my favorite month already.  I found a vintage poster of this creepy character and adapted it for my own purposes.  Have a safe, Happy All Hallows Eve, and I will see you in November.

Simple (sneaky) Simon

HaHa, Sketchbook


Took a break from the computer for this post today.  A note: comic book board pages are not meant to take on watercolors.  Still, painting and drawing by hand leave me feeling more calm and refreshed than digital “painting” does.  I just thought I’d mention this observation.


Happy Horse

HaHa, Le Grand Portefeuille, Sketchbook

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A happy horse to you, on this happy, windy Wednesday!  He is modeled after a horse I work with at a local barn, called Kazmir.  This weekend he must have “been feeling his oats”, for he was bouncing around the barnyard with much glee.