There’s a hole in my heart where my dog used to be.

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Lily Lemon Carney, beloved furry daughter, protector, snuggler extraordinaire.

We had to tearfully say goodbye to a member of our family recently. Lily was our 12 year-old pit bull mix. She was the most empathetic, nurturing and beautiful creature I had the privilege of knowing.

We called her “Nurse Lily” because she could sense when you were sick or sad, and would curl up next to you, or if there was no room for curling up, put her head in your lap. As a puppy, she stayed in bed with me (except for potty breaks) when I got a bad case of food poisoning. When a migraine would hit, she would be curled into my side in the darkest room of the house. When my husband had shingles, she stayed on the floor by the couch, as he was in too much pain to snuggle. (She knew.) And when I was pregnant, she was my protector. If any person or dog was too exuberant, she strategically placed herself between them and me. When we brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital, Lily moved wherever the basinet was, so she could lay at the base of it, and “protect” Rosalee. Bandit was “her” puppy…she picked him out at the doggy adoption day. She cleaned his face and put up with his silliness. Lily let him get away with all sorts of nonsense. Now Bandit is five and misses his adopted mother.

We all miss her so much. She has, of course, popped up in my work over the years, my first furry muse. I found that I needed to draw her again. I hope it does her justice.

Lily Lemon Carney, beloved dog, Nancy Lemon ©2016

Pet Portraits for a loved one

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Holiday gift suggestion for yourself or any pet lover in your life!

Custom pet portraits: $100
For every custom portrait sold, I will donate $10 to a local animal shelter.

Paintings are on 9″x12″ (image size is 8″x10″ so easier to frame).  All paintings created with watercolor, gouache and ink on paper.
Please contact Nancy to order.

If you want something like a print, tshirt, or kids’ wear, please visit my Society6 shop or BoomBoom Prints store.

Thanks everyone, and have a lovely Holiday Season!

Literary Soccer Cats by Nancy Lemon

Pet Portraits


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Click the image for a closer look

A friend and colleague commissioned me to create a painting of their four cats for his wife’s birthday, which I thought was a very nice gift.  (Although I may be a bit biased…)  Their names are Faulkner, Whitman, Beckford (aka Baby Monkey), and Titus Bramble.  Two literary, two soccer (or football) players.  His and hers, if you will.  If you like this, feel free to check out my Etsy shop for more animal watercolor paintings and you can also request custom pieces there. Or check out the INPRNT store I have set up for prints.  As always, thank you for following along on my illustrated journey!  Have a marvelous weekend.

And now for something completely different…

Le Grand Portefeuille, Pet Portraits

I give you…Coco the Pomeranian.  Quite the photogenic critter; I hope I’ve captured all of this character’s charm.  Thanks to BJ for hiring me to paint this for an anniversary gift!


As you can see, I also dabble in pet portraiture.  You can find my pricing here or just email me any questions you have.  The holiday season doth approach!  (Hint, hint)

Trigger’s Portrait

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Trigger is a Black Labrador Retriever who is the 4-legged child of my very good friend, Uncle Sam.  (An actual person…not referring to the USA here.)  The actual size is about 2’x3′, painted acrylic on canvas.  I have really enjoyed painting these portraits lately, especially as the weather gets nicer, because my painting “studio” is on our screened in back porch.

You can find more of my work at, as well as pricing and contact information.

I’m digital AND analog…the girl can paint.

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Sometimes I am approached by friends or family to make pet portraits.  I’ve also been commissioned to create favorite animals (that are not pets) such as a group of sea creatures for a child’s nursery.  My work is not limited to pets.

  I’ve finally buckled down and figured out a set price list for these paintings, which are made in acrylic on canvas.  With the pet portraits, people usually send me a photo of their pet and I create a piece from that.  With other animals, I usually find my own photo references and then create sketches from which to work.

Eventually, I’d like to offer prints of different animals in a personal online store if I can ever afford to buy a nice printer!   in the meantime.  For now, please check out CUSTOM Art, or prints of various art work can be found at my SOCIETY6 store.

The holidays are right around the corner…