Developing Wings

Le Grand Portefeuille, Photoshop


It is fun to play around with the Wacom, as well as illustrate quotes by favorite authors. I am rather happy with the way this turned out, and feel it may be the start of something new in my artistic journey.

Bizarre interpretation of Mark Twainism

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille


Another quote piece.  I am having more fun with the different brushes in Photoshop; using some roller brushes gives some depth to this work, I believe.  I don’t know what it is about trees growing out of people’s heads, as well as angels…I just feel it and make it.  Developing my own iconography, I suppose, if I want to try and feel oh-so-smart.  This one is a bit of the same as the Mr. Rogers piece I did a little while back.

Available as a print!