The Unicorns are in too deep

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Unicorns of God miss Noah's ark - art by Nancy Lemon ©2015

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Uh oh, unicorns, what did you do?  Will you miss curfew?  We are continuing on with the story of Noah and God’s lost unicorns.  It is getting stormy for Driggs and Bridger.  What will happen?  Stay tuned for more…

Augusta in August heat

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WoW, playing with gradients will really add a bit of dimension to a work!  I should have had Rainy Janey for today’s post, as we’ve had flash flood warnings due to two days of torrential downpours and live at sea level.  It has really cut the heat and humidity, thank you Lord.  The picture above better illustrates what our Augusts are usually like in the muggy, buggy South.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer, wherever that might be, and whatever it feels like where you are.

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Wishing for Wellingtons

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It has been a very wet summer for us here in the Southeastern US, and I have been longing for a nice pair of rain boots as I now have soggy sandals.  To me, the British term “Wellingtons” or “Wellies” sounds much more fun than the boring old “rain boot.”  So, as I usually do, I started drawing and making puns and came up with the above little drawing.  It makes me smile, and I actually like rainy days.  I just would like some Wellies so I can splash around in puddles as I take the journey to my parking lot here at work.  (I have about a 10 minute trek to my allotted space.  Parking is a premium in Charleston.)  The walk is fairly enjoyable to me, as it provides a nice little meditation to begin and end the day, however: the soggy sandals problem.  So I will save my pennies for a pair of (dark green) Hunters or Kamiks.  Or…Mr. Carney, or Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this…Christmas is in a couple of months.  haha