Drawing is Playing

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille


Digital illustration by Nancy Lemon © 2016

I drew the original drawing in my sketchbook, then scanned it to play around with all the Photoshop brushes I’ve acquired from Kyle T. Webster (best Photoshop brushes, bar none). I’m having to downsize my studio soon, so am toying with using the computer more for illustration. This was really fun to do, actually, and it seems the experimentation with this sort of thing is rather limitless. So…party on and stay tuned for more.



Hello all, I am taking a post off from unicorns to tell about a fun project I’ve found through Elle Luna and The Great Discontent. It’s called the #100dayproject and you can participate (on Instagram).  I found it today, and even though the official start was yesterday, anyone can jump in at any time.  You can pick anything to do for 100 days.  Since I’ve started creating Little Adventures during my lunch break, I thought I’d use that as my project.  I hope you will join me.


Sketchety sketch sketch


I’ve been battling a cold and have finally made the turn…thought I’d share a crazy sketchbook spread here.  Maybe the influence of all the cold medicine made this, or I associated the cat with fish.  Also, I am headed to the aquarium this evening for an event, so perhaps I will sketch more fish…and people drinking wine.  But mostly fish.


Click image to enlarge picture.

Caprine King and Queen

November Simplicity


Here is a color study for a finished piece I am working on.  Today I am thankful for great friends who send me lots of pictures of goats.  (I’m lookin’ at you, Bec M.)  This was drawn into my little 5-1/2″ square sketchbook while gazing at these fine specimens in my iPhone.  Thank goodness for friends who visit zoos!

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