Diving Unicorns

Illustrating Books
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Now that I look at this page, I think it may need a redesign.  I will probably say that about the entire book once I finish this!

What will happen to these deep-diving unicorns?  Stay tuned…

In which the semi-finalist gallery is open…

Le Grand Portefeuille

Hello All!  I am sending out a call for help on this rainy Monday we are having here.  The Lilla Rogers Semi-finalist gallery has been opened for voting, so I would REALLY appreciate your time on this.  If you follow the link here: http://lillarogers.com/gts-2014-round-2/ there are instructions on how to vote.   Voting will close this Friday, September 12th, and the finalists will be announced Wednesday, September 17th.

This was such a nerve-wracking 10 days of creation.  We had to create an animal character for a kids’ t-shirt.  (You had the choice to include how to display, or add type to your image.)  For me, the hard part was paring down what animal to represent!  I did at least 4 versions of the pelican once I actually decided on the animal to illustrate.  Then there were the thoughts on how to display this on an 8″x10″ that would be shown as a 72dpi image in a gallery of 50 people.  After looking at the gallery, I do wish I’d done some different things, but the main thing they wanted was to see the animal character.  So I bypassed all the mock up stuff and just showed off my birdy fisherman.  Hope I made the right decision!

Here are some process sketches, to show the beginning to sweating out the end where I had to press the “Submit” button:


I’m digital AND analog…the girl can paint.

Le Grand Portefeuille

Sometimes I am approached by friends or family to make pet portraits.  I’ve also been commissioned to create favorite animals (that are not pets) such as a group of sea creatures for a child’s nursery.  My work is not limited to pets.

  I’ve finally buckled down and figured out a set price list for these paintings, which are made in acrylic on canvas.  With the pet portraits, people usually send me a photo of their pet and I create a piece from that.  With other animals, I usually find my own photo references and then create sketches from which to work.

Eventually, I’d like to offer prints of different animals in a personal online store if I can ever afford to buy a nice printer!   in the meantime.  For now, please check out CUSTOM Art, or prints of various art work can be found at my SOCIETY6 store.

The holidays are right around the corner…

The Writer


…or maybe she’s sketching?

Hello all, it’s been crazy over the Thanksgiving holidays.  I haven’t posted and am working up some new dog imagery, but for now, here’s something from the sketchbook.  You can even see the crease of the book’s binding.  Sometimes it’s nice when a drawing spans two pages.  This is a drawing of a an old 1960s photo…I have a stack of old vintage photos that a teacher gave me.  Some of them look set up for a photo shoot, and some of them are snap shots.  This looked like a photo shoot one.  It came out a bit stylized, with her neck in a completely horizontal angle.  Still, I like it.

I don’t like to leave a week without posting, so sometimes it’s just sketches!

Sketches from the bus stop


People walking, and Abernanthy Anteater kicks a rock.

Happy Friday, all.  I like to draw while I wait for my bus…most of the time people are walking away, and sometimes I draw out of my head (see Anteater.)

Have a great weekend.

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Owls, not O.W.L.S.

HaHa, Inspiration

Ripped straight from the sketchbook...

The work continues on the new blog…learning html and css as I go, so sorry for the slowness.  This will be a more refined comic for that site, but I love the way the rough looks.  I will probably be keeping this blog for sketches and other artworks.  Thank you for hanging in with me on this!  Happy Friday!