Painting your Muse

Illustrating Books


Paint the Muse, illustration by Nancy Lemon Carney ©2015 watercolor, ink on paperHere we are with more artistic expression via Muse the dog.  He cuts a dashing figure, reminiscent of Napoleon, or Javert from Les Miserables.  I ask you, if your dog stood still clad in old-timey maritime costume, wouldn’t you also feel inspired to paint?

Watercolor, cool new Derwent Inktense pencils, all on paper

The artist and her muse, reading

Illustrating Books


Since creating two cute characters for the prompt “Muse”, I’ve decided to put them together in more scenes.  Maybe a story will come from pictures…as an illustrator, that is how my mind really puts things together.

Watercolor, colored pencil

Noah gathers the animals…almost

Illustrating Books, Le Grand Portefeuille



Click image to get a better view.

Noah continues on…gathering the animals is an arduous task, and you have to count on them to stay in line.  Pesky, free-spirited unicorns!  I still feel I could have drawn even more animals in this spread, but I also needed to fit in, what are they called…oh, words!  As I post all of these, it let’s me view them from afar.  I’m sure after I’ve finished this posting spree of Noah book, I will make some changes to the drawings.  It is a journey, isn’t it?

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Pegasus Has Landed Illustration


pegasusHasLandedWP  I have been working (very slowly) on a project about unicorns, and in my character designs I sketched this little guy.  His story may be that his wings are still growing, or that he is much like the unfortunate emu; the wings are all show, no function.  I like using a limited palette.  I am attempting to simplify my “style” where I can.  This piece is a bit of a Photoshop sketch, scanned directly from the sketchbook.