Bigfoot snoozing–it’s NATURE!

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Bigfoot sleeps in nature. Nancy Lemon, illustrator

So, I got my Illustration Friday topics mixed up–this week was “Growth” and I thought it was “Nature”.  Whatevs…it’s still Friday!  I got some new (free) Photoshop brushes that I am playing with here, along with some paper texture…wheee.  I think this weekend I will need a vacation from screens, but this was fun to make.  I love Illustration Friday–they are a great community and always keep me inspired.  I highly recommend the website to anyone interested in graphic design and illustration.

I want a vacation like this…

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Bear vacation with books

A reading vacation would be nice.

I can’t figure out what this summer reading lover needs.  More trees?  It feels as if I’ve created a scene where there are only two trees in a vast, open space.  I would love any feedback on this.  Should more shadows be added, or is this too overdone?  I can’t help but feel that something is missing.  Comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Leaves are the hand prints of trees.

Love letter to October




October is almost over, but autumn is just starting to creep on here in the South. I love the changing leaves; they have lines in them like the palm of a hand. I collected a few from the yard to study artistically.

Nature Lovers


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From walking around in unusually warm weather for January, and sketching.  I didn’t actually see anyone making out with the flora, but it was so beautiful I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it.  That little line, “He had a weakness for beauty” popped into my head while walking and enjoying the day.  (And I have always been fond of trees.)

Again, pulled from the sketchbook and colored in Photoshop.

Pole and Tree aren’t friends


Tree and Telephone pole; same essential elements, two different world views.  I like to draw at the bus stop, and sometimes on the bus.  Inanimate objects aren’t usually my focus, but it was fun giving them personalities.



















That morning it was raining, and that’s when the rain cloud/inner monologue was drawn.  At the end of the day, I added the tree, telephone pole, and silly bushes.  This is the view across the street from my bus stop.

It’s really cathartic and relaxing to draw at the end of a hectic day, and nicer to relax my eyes on paper rather than a computer screen.

This is in my sketchbook with a Pilot pen.