The Unicorns are in too deep

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Unicorns of God miss Noah's ark - art by Nancy Lemon ©2015

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Uh oh, unicorns, what did you do?  Will you miss curfew?  We are continuing on with the story of Noah and God’s lost unicorns.  It is getting stormy for Driggs and Bridger.  What will happen?  Stay tuned for more…

Bahamian fun


Mr. C in the Sea.

Mr. C and I had a great time on our 5-day cruise to the Bahamas!  The water was unbelievably blue–different shades of turquoise, really, and clear as can be.  Here in Charleston, it’s more of a green-grey, and certainly NOT clear!

The beauty of living in a Carnival cruise port city is that you don’t even have to drive to the ship–(hopefully) one of your nice friends (thank you many times, Angie) will drop you off, and upon your return, another of your friends (a big thank you to Mikey Nice) will pick you up!  Now that is service.  🙂

A cruise is like floating around in an hotel…everything is paid for, except for drinks, and there is even room service.  Quite possibly my favorite two words in the English language.

To the left Mr. C is enjoying the water in watercolor…this was from a photo I snapped in Nassau, which was our second stop.  I will post some more Bahama-inspired paintings in the days to come.