Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere…


Good Monday, everyone.  These bunnies have been sitting in a sketchbook as a quickly scribbled idea, so I took them out and brought them to fruition.  One of my teachers once told me, “You should always have a default animal, object, etc. to draw when you can’t think of anything to draw.”  Apparently, my default is silly bunnies.  You’re welcome, Mom.

Painted with gouache, ink, and Photoshop

Logos, hand drawn type, and a store update

Business of Art

Hello Lovely people.  I have been working on branding myself a little better, so that any samples I send out have a logo and that Lemony “flavor” of my style.  Branding…it’s a whole other kettle of fish.  From my work with branding events, you’d think branding myself would be relatively simple, but…it’s a lot harder, as I am attempting to build something lasting rather than an event with a new theme every year.  And, AND because it’s so personal, I never feel I have it quite right.  However, I have given myself a deadline to order business cards, soo…I give to you 2 logos:


For the blog here?

I’ve been Nancy Lemon as long as I’ve been an artist, but I’ve been Nancy Carney for almost 2 years.  I like the ferris wheel AND the lemon tree.  At least they have similar shapes.  I was thinking I could keep Lemon’s Tree as the blog of Nancy Lemon Carney, the artiste.  There was also the thought that I should put the website and blog all under one url: lemonstree.com.  Or maybe I’m just worrying too much, and need to make a dang decision.  On the good side, I think they both reflect my “brand” as they are sketchy in style, use hand drawn type (which I’ve really been loving doing lately), and they are kind of silly/whimsical.

I may redraw the ferris wheel here, as the cars on the wheel are a little too big.  I think they are both pretty fun, though.  Thoughts on either, or both??  Comments welcome, good people.


For my website, nancylemon.com