Unicorn Smooches

Le Grand Portefeuille
Unicorn Kisses ©Nancy Lemon 2016

Legend says it that unicorn breath smells like fresh baked cookies.

Here is my little fun submission for Illustration Friday this week. The theme word was “kiss”. I’ve been a bit stuck on unicorns for, oh, about…32 years. However, I’ve only just started drawing them again. I hope this gives you a little smile on a Thursday afternoon.

Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere…


Good Monday, everyone.  These bunnies have been sitting in a sketchbook as a quickly scribbled idea, so I took them out and brought them to fruition.  One of my teachers once told me, “You should always have a default animal, object, etc. to draw when you can’t think of anything to draw.”  Apparently, my default is silly bunnies.  You’re welcome, Mom.

Painted with gouache, ink, and Photoshop

Matthew the Tiger

Le Grand Portefeuille



Matthew the Tiger is the latest in the line of animals and fashion.  Nothing says, “cool” quite like a tiger in a sweater vest.  (Or maybe I just need more sleep.)

The original is 9″x12″ (pencil, ink, watercolor and gouache on paper) and is available for purchase.

Or, prints and other items are available.

Positive Vibes

Digital, Inspiration, Sketchbook

Run on Happy

I seem to be on a light bulb kick, eh?  It’s such fun, scribbling in a tiny sketchbook, these little ideas that trickle in and make me smile.  This is more my “style” than yesterday’s post.  Doodling really relaxes me and makes me calm and happy.  If you set out to just jot and scribble whatever comes into your head, and not fret over how something will look or if ideas might be dumb, you find a little wealth of possibilities for further projects.  Maybe this can be applied to idea generation for any kind of project, not just art?

Have a happy Thursday, and I will see you on Tuesday for a little more art, design, and whimsy.  😉