I see you, seeing me, seeing you

Le Grand Portefeuille


I continue down this path of fun, doodly-style illustration.  Also, it seems I have become infatuated with creating art for coffee mugs.  I don’t know what it is…I do love coffee, but I also love the mug as an illustration surface.  Go figure.


P.S. I like to think that David Bowie would drink his tea out of this mug. 😀

The process of a piece

Le Grand Portefeuille
finalized sketch

Finalized Sketch

final image

Colored digitally

Oftentimes I am interested in how an artist makes work, from start to finish.  Maybe some of you are interested in the way I make pictures?  Here is a piece created for a possible magazine cover, for a theme involving creativity and yoga.

I have been working digitally lately, but still love the hand-drawn aspect.  I still scan in my finished sketch, rather than draw completely on the Wacom tablet.  The whole digital style is new to me, and for now I just use it for coloring.  Click the images to enlarge each one.

Happy Friday!