Pointy Animal Parade

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille
Illustration Friday prompt-pointy-Nancy-Lemon-illustration-2015

If you would like the original, you can find it in Pointy Animal Parade in my Etsy store.

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Pointy”.  This is the idea that made me giggle, so this is what I made.  (It is probably ridiculous that this is the way I make many idea decisions.)  I went analog here, using watercolors and colored pencils on watercolor paper.

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Watercolor Pets

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille

Hey hey, watercolor animalia fun fun fun!

I was actually able to paint these while watching Boardwalk Empire last night.  Usually I don’t work in front of the teee-veee, but it happened last night.  Go figure.

I have had many dogs over my 33 years, and one of them was a Wire-haired Fox Terrier named Skipper.  (Wire-haired Terror is more like it, really.)  He was a funny little dog, but developed a bad habit of nipping now and again, as well as marking terrier-tory in the house.  He was Admiral Halsey, III as my parents had two Admiral Halseys before I was born!  They were all called “Skipper”…the Admiral bit was their “paper name.”

The cat is a funny picture I found…fiance says she looks like a cat-toad hybrid.

These are available in the store and are part of a larger project I’ve been working on.

Please click on an image to see them enlarged in a slide show.  Exciting!

Meetings, Shmeetings…

HaHa, Inspiration
What?  Yes, of course I'm paying attention!

Monday meeting...evidently, birds were discussed.

Yeah, this is how I have taken notes all my life…

More Bandit…

Now we have to shampoo the carpet...AGAIN.

It's rough not having prehensile digits, I guess.

I KNOW it is disgusting that my pup is rubbing his butt across the carpet, but it ALWAYS makes me laugh.  ALL. WAYS.  Bandit is only six months old, and is turning into one goofy muse.

Got some new brush pens the other day (AND a grey wash marker) and am really liking the effects.  From the sketchbook.